Access Masts - Internal & External

These masts are ideal for sports lighting applications ranging from small training type facilities to major sports stadia such as large cricket stadiums and football fields illuminated for television broadcast lighting.

Access masts are available in heights ranging from 10 metres to 70 metres. A caged safety ladder provides access to the floodlights on these masts. The floodlights are mounted on purpose designed cross arms and/or platforms attached to the mast structure and, depending on the application, masts can be designed which are able to house in excess of 150 floodlight luminaires.

The electrical equipment is housed either on the mast or in cubicles adjacent to the mast.

Internal access masts (named because the access ladder is inside the mast) are used for applications where large quantities of floodlights are mounted on the mast headframe. Generally the electrical equipment, including the floodlight control gear, is accommodated in the base of the mast providing a waterproof and vandal resistant enclosure.

The external access masts have the access ladder mounted on the outside of the mast shaft and are generally used for applications requiring smaller quantities of floodlights where the structure size can be limited.

Access masts are also available for other general area lighting applications such as electrical sub stations, coal stacking areas and similar industrial applications.

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