Hydro Masts

Hydro masts are ideal for general area lighting applications with the floodlight mounting assembly able to house different combinations of floodlights to suit the application. Typical applications are lighting of high density housing areas, industrial yards and any application where large areas need to be illuminated from a minimum number of positions.

Hydro masts are ideally suited to remote locations where the availability of mobile cranes, used for mast erection, is limited and thus costly.

The mast is self-erecting, requiring only a light duty truck mounted crane to mount the base section onto the foundation. The fact that the entire mast shaft is lowered to a horizontal position allows for inspection of the complete mast at any time without the mast having to be taken down.

The limited number of moving parts ensures a long and virtually maintenance free life of the structure.

The mast electrical equipment is safely hidden behind a vandal resistant door and the cable supplying power to the floodlight need not be unplugged during the maintenance procedure allowing testing of the floodlights with the mast in the lowered position.

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