Railow Masts

Typical applications are lighting of high density housing areas, industrial yards, roadway interchanges and any application where large areas need to be illuminated from a minimum number of positions.

Railow masts are available in heights ranging from 20 metres to 40 metres. The floodlight mounting ring on these masts is attached to a proven and effective raising and lowering system which allows for easy and cost effective maintenance.

Railow masts are ideal for all general area lighting applications with the floodlight mounting ring being able to house numerous combinations of floodlight luminaires.

The floodlight mounting ring, suspended from stainless steel wire cables, is raised and lowered by means of a portable double drum winch which is in turn operated with an electric power tool.

The masts are equipped with a complete electrical system including a distribution board mounted in the base of the mast and purpose designed trailing cable for providing power to the floodlight luminaires.

Railow Masts Specificationss
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Railow Masts Technical Diagrams
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