Solar Structures

Solar Panel mounting structures for
High Mast Lighting Installations

Lighting Structures is able to design and install High Mast Lighting Structures operating from off the grid solar panel electrical supply. The following should be taken into account when designing such installations.

For High Mast Lighting of 25 meters and higher to be effective the number of floodlights per mast and the resultant electrical loads are relatively large, thus requiring a large number of solar panels to accommodate the electrical load.

In most cases the combined number of solar panels required are of such a large wind area that it becomes impractical and not at all cost effective to design the High Mast to be able to withstand the wind loads on such large surface areas.

Based on 2016 Technology the area of the solar panels could be up to 30sqm.
Lighting Structures has developed a solution of housing solar panels on an independent structure located alongside the High Mast and designed specifically to house only the solar panels.

The structure comprises of a suitably designed steel lattice frame which houses the array of Solar Panels and this frame is mounted on two independent monopoles all mounted adjacent to the High Mast.

The height of the monopoles are usually 10 meters to minimize the risk of vandalism or theft of the solar panels.