Flair Art Bell

The Flair Art Bell luminaire range offers elegant design with flowing flaired lines. Due to the semi-cut-off light distribution design of this luminaire, upward light output is minimised and the beneficial downward light output is optimally utilised.
Available in pole top, wall bracket and pendant mount options.rs.

Hat Type Post Tops

Technical Information

Luminaire Body

  • Entire luminaire is manufactured from grade 1200 corrosion resistant aluminium
  • Top dome is manufactured as a two piece, double wall unit with a total thickness of more than 3mm, providing a rigid support structure
  • Powder coated in a wide range of colours and finishes

Diffuser / Lenses

  • The diffuser/lens is thermo-formed from the highest quality ultra-high-impact acrylic
  • Lenses are available in semi-dome or teardrop shape
  • The diffuser is fixed to a reflector and the lens is sealed by means of a sealing gasket cord
  • The reflector is designed for optimal distribution
  • A safety ’pin’ and grub screws support the spigot

Control Gear and Lamps

  • Control gear is mounted integrally in the top section
  • Only SABS & CE approved control gear and Teflon insulated wiring is used
  • A wide range of lamp type options corresponding to control gear are available
Hat Type Post Tops