Midhinge Masts

Typical applications of Midhinge masts are parking areas, roadway lighting and general area lighting.

Midhinge masts are available in heights ranging from 10 metres to 25 metres. The hinging action allows for the floodlights to be lowered to the ground without the use of expensive maintenance equipment. Midhinge masts are ideal for general area lighting applications with the floodlight mounting assembly able to house different combinations of floodlights to suit the application.

The floodlights are brought down to ground level by simply hinging the mast open. The hinging action is safe and simple to operate by persons with minimum training and is carried out in a matter of minutes.

The mast electrical equipment is safely hidden inside the mast and only accessible once the mast is opened. The cable supplying power to the floodlight luminaires need not be unplugged during the maintenance procedure thus allowing testing of the floodlights with the mast in the hinged down position.